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Senator Larry Campbell endorses Kevin Falcon

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

VANCOUVER, BC—Senator Larry Campbell today endorsed Kevin Falcon to be the next leader of the BC Liberal Party and Premier of British Columbia.

“Kevin Falcon is a leader of the highest quality and will ensure that BC’s voice continues to be heard loud and clear in Ottawa,” said Campbell. “Kevin is the best person to keep the BC Liberal coalition together—and that makes him the only candidate who can win the next election. I support him completely.”

Campbell, a former Vancouver Mayor, police officer and BC Chief Coroner, pointed to Falcon’s work as a cabinet minister as a key example of Falcon’s leadership style.

“I’ve known and worked with Kevin as both the Mayor of Vancouver and a Senator for BC,” said Campbell. “We didn’t agree on every issue, but he was always honest and forthright with me. He has done a great job in two difficult portfolios, spearheading the Canada Line as Minister of Transportation and outstanding work as Minister of Health at a time when our system is looking for real leadership because of the tough economic times.”

Campbell encouraged British Columbians to join the BC Liberal Party before Feb. 4 and support Falcon in the Feb. 26 BC Liberal Party leadership vote.

Falcon said he was pleased to have the support of Senator Campbell, one of the best-known figures in BC politics. Campbell joins fellow BC Senators Gerry St. Germain, Richard Neufeld, and Yonah Martin in endorsing Kevin Falcon.

“I am honoured to have the support of a man like Senator Larry Campbell,” said Falcon. “The Senator is a leader of principle, vision and integrity, and I look forward to continuing to work with him for the people of BC.”

The BC Liberal Party leadership vote will take place on February 26, 2011. Any member of the BC Liberal Party in good standing on Feb. 4, 2011 is eligible to vote. Individuals wanting to learn more about Kevin Falcon or join the BC Liberal Party can visit kevinfalcon.com.

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